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Discovering the Klappenberger & Son Franchise: A Blend of Expertise and Opportunity

In the realm of the painting and handyman franchise industry, Klappenberger & Son stands as a beacon of excellence, especially in the Mid-Atlantic area where it has been providing painting services since 1989. Their journey into franchising began in 2017, with a secret sauce of success honed at prestigious locations like the White House. For those considering owning their own business, the Klappenberger & Son franchise emerges as a compelling choice.

Why Choose Klappenberger & Son Franchise?

  1. Comprehensive Services: Klappenberger & Son isn’t just another painting business. Their scope extends beyond providing painting services, encapsulating a full-fledged handyman business. This versatility positions them in a unique category within the industry, ready to cater to a wider range of customer needs.

  2. Extensive Training and Support: New franchisees benefit from an unparalleled six weeks of one-on-one training, trumping the industry standard of two short weeks. This extensive training ensures that each franchise owner is well-equipped with excellent communication skills, managerial skills, and computer skills, essential for maintaining excellent customer relations.

  3. Large Territories: Operating with one of the largest territories in the country, Klappenberger & Son offers its franchisees the potential to capture a significant market share, whether they are in Florida or Washington State.

  4. Unique Franchise Guarantee: The franchise guarantees $500,000 in gross sales for franchisees who diligently follow their proven marketing plan, including tactics like pay-per-click advertising and listings on platforms such as Angie's List. This franchise fee guarantee is a testament to their confidence in their system, honed over decades of industry experience.

  5. Financial Benefits: Klappenberger & Son stands out in the painting franchise industry for its approach to rewarding success. As the gross revenues of the franchise increase, the royalty fees drop, ensuring that the more successful the franchise, the more profits are retained by the owner. This model also includes the full refund of the franchise fee if the franchisee does not achieve the guaranteed sales figure.

  6. Marketing Expertise: Franchisees benefit from Klappenberger & Son’s proven marketing strategies, a blend of traditional methods like billboards and modern techniques like SEO. This comprehensive approach aids in quickly developing new clients and sustaining a growing business.

  7. Diverse Revenue Streams: With services ranging from painting jobs to handyman jobs, the franchise leverages multiple revenue streams. This diversification makes the business model robust and recession-resistant.

  8. The Klappenberger & Son Difference: Founded by David Klappenberger, the company prides itself on offering a turnkey franchise that is both profitable and easy to manage. David's personal involvement ensures ongoing support and a continuous drive towards improvement, aiming to grow nationwide steadily.

  9. Franchise Ownership Process: The journey to becoming a franchise owner involves steps like an initial conversation, due diligence, and signing the franchise agreement. This process ensures that each franchisee is a good fit for the company's philosophy of hard work, honesty, and outstanding character.

  10. Community of Success: Joining the Klappenberger & Son franchise means becoming part of a team that values a strong work ethic and aims to achieve the highest standards in painting and handyman services. It’s an opportunity to invest in a business model that has been practiced and perfected for over 25 years.


The Klappenberger & Son franchise offers more than just a business opportunity; it's a chance to be part of an industry leader with a proven track record. With benefits like a franchise fee guarantee, large territories, low royalties, comprehensive training, and a diverse range of services, it stands as a promising opportunity for those with a high energy individual ready to invest in their future. Whether you have previous painting or repair experiences, or are starting fresh, Klappenberger & Son offers a turnkey solution to owning a successful business in the painting and handyman industry.


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