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Elevating Compassionate Care: A Closer Look at Boost Home Healthcare Franchise

In the bustling world of healthcare, where the demand for in-home caregiving services is soaring, the name “Boost Home Healthcare” stands out with its unique, elevated approach to care. Operating under the umbrella of Best Life Brands, this franchise is synonymous with well-rounded, complete care that prioritizes both the physical and emotional well-being of patients.

Evolution of Boost Home Healthcare

Founded with a mission to provide compassionate in-home care, Boost Home Healthcare is a beacon of success in the home healthcare industry, setting high standards with its skilled professionals and extensive range of clinical services. Harry Artsvelian and Maggie Artsvelian, with their entrepreneurial spirit, expanded the brand, integrating enhanced rich, focused content and improved functionality in their services to educate clients and promote the value of in-home care. Boost recently launched a newly redesigned website to ensure clients and franchisees have quick and easy access to essential information. The clean, uncluttered design of the new website reflects the company's commitment to offering easy access to resources and support.

Franchise Opportunities and Expansion

Boost Home Healthcare Franchise offers a lucrative business opportunity for those interested in making a difference in the healthcare industry. With the backing of life brands leadership, franchisees receive the support, training, and resources needed to run a successful business. The franchise fee and working capital required are in line with most franchisors in the sector, making it an attractive investment for prospective franchisees.

The first location was a resounding success, allowing the franchise to grow and open units in various states like California, South Carolina, Rhode Island, West Virginia, New Mexico, and even branching out to Canada. Each new location adheres to the company's mission to provide complete care, with services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, medication administration, and preparation of meals.

Boost Home Healthcare’s growth is a testament to its commitment to offering the best home care services. It’s a franchise that works closely with patients, understanding their individual needs and working to ensure their comfort and prosperity. It’s also a great opportunity for those with experience owning franchises, as it offers a chance to connect with a brand that values respect and dedication.

Services and Care

The services offered by Boost Home Healthcare encompass a wide range of in-home caregiving services. The skilled professionals from Boost work to provide personalized caregiving, focusing on the overall well-being of patients. From physical therapy to emotional support, the team addresses every aspect of care needed to ensure the happiness and comfort of individuals receiving their services.

Medication administration, meal preparation, and running errands are part of the daily operations, ensuring patients receive well-rounded care. The team also offers support with wound care, injections, and other essential health care needs. These services reflect the brand's focus on offering a range of services that promote the overall well-being of individuals.

A Success Story

Jackie Lleverino, a franchisee, mirrors the company's success, attributing her prosperous operation in Culver City to the comprehensive training and support received from the franchise. This support allowed her to focus on building relationships with patients and promoting the growth of her franchise, leading to a successful business that provides the best in home care services.

Elevated Approach to Healthcare

Boost Home Healthcare takes an elevated approach to home health, focusing on each patient as an individual and working to meet their specific needs. It’s not just about providing quick and easy access to healthcare; it’s about ensuring the services provided are of the highest quality and that the patients’ needs are met with respect and compassion.


Boost Home Healthcare, under the adept leadership of Best Life Brands, stands out in the healthcare franchise industry. The franchise opportunities it offers are not just about starting a business; they’re about being part of a team that’s dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of patients.

The newly opened franchises in various states and countries reflect the success and growth of the company. Boost Home Healthcare Franchise is indeed a beacon for those looking to invest in a franchise that values dedication, compassion, and the overall well-being of its clients. The improved functionality and enhanced rich content of their new website make it easier for interested franchisees to find details, learn about the company’s scope, and understand the value of joining a team that’s committed to providing the best home care services.

This franchise is not just about providing in-home caregiving services; it’s about offering a complete, compassionate approach to health care, ensuring the happiness and comfort of patients while allowing franchisees to run a successful business. Whether you’re in Florida, Arizona, Texas, or Canada, Boost Home Healthcare is bringing value, comfort, and compassionate care to your doorstep.


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