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Exploring the Property Management Inc. Franchise: A Path to Successful Business Ownership

The world of property management is an ever-evolving landscape, and one company at the forefront of this dynamic industry is Property Management Inc. (PMI). As an expert in property management services, PMI has consistently ranked among the fastest-growing franchises, offering a unique opportunity for those interested in franchise property management.

The Property Management Inc. Edge

Founded by Steven Hart, PMI began franchising in 2008, with corporate headquarters in Lehi, Utah. It stands out in the property management industry for its comprehensive services that cover residential property management, commercial, association, and short-term rental management. This diversity offers franchise owners multiple revenue streams, which is crucial in the competitive property management industry.

A Four Pillars Business Model

PMI operates on a unique business model based on four pillars: residential, commercial, association, and short-term rentals. This model allows franchisees to manage a wide range of properties, from county property management to luxury short-term rentals. It provides a competitive edge, as franchisees can cater to diverse clients and market needs.

Training and Support: The PMI Promise

PMI offers extensive ongoing training and support to ensure franchise owners are well-equipped to manage their businesses successfully. This includes access to property management software, marketing strategies, lead generation tools, and operational support. Franchisees also benefit from PMI's strong record in the franchise industry for providing expert guidance and resources.

Investment and Growth

Becoming a PMI franchise owner requires an initial franchise fee and investment. These startup costs are offset by the potential for high gross revenue and a stable business in a growing industry. PMI franchisees have access to a broad range of resources, including advertising solutions, business publications, and a network of other franchisees for support and collaboration.

PMI's Comprehensive Services

PMI's franchisees offer a full suite of property management services. This includes traditional responsibilities like rent collection, maintenance, and handling accounts receivable, as well as more specialized services like brokerage and dealing with late payments.

Embracing Technology and Innovation

In recent years, PMI has embraced technology, offering advanced property management solutions that streamline operations such as rent collection, maintenance requests, and financial reporting. This technological edge is a crucial aspect of PMI's business model, allowing franchisees to efficiently manage properties and provide superior service to clients.

Expanding Opportunities

With a vision to expand and provide unmatched property management services across multiple industries, PMI is an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to enter the property management market. Whether it’s residential, commercial association, or short-term rental management, PMI offers a robust platform for successful business ownership.


Property Management Inc. represents a significant opportunity in the property management franchise sector. Its comprehensive training, support, and innovative business model provide a solid foundation for franchisees. As the property management industry continues to grow, PMI's franchisees are well-positioned to capitalize on this growth, offering expert property management services to a wide range of clients.

For those looking to invest in a property management company with a proven track record, PMI offers a compelling option with its diverse services, strong support system, and commitment to the success of its franchise owners.


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