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Exploring the Rise of Rise Biscuits & Chicken: A Culinary Success Story

Welcome to the mouthwatering world of Rise Biscuits & Chicken, where "Rise Southern Biscuits" and "Righteous Chicken" aren't just food items; they represent a culture of culinary excellence that has been delighting taste buds since its inception. Founded by Tom Ferguson, a CIA-trained chef, Rise started as a single location in Durham, North Carolina, and has since expanded into a beacon of franchise development in major markets across the United States.

The Philosophy of Rise: More than Just Food

At Rise, the commitment goes beyond serving "the best dang biscuits" and "righteous chicken sandwiches"; it's about crafting crave-worthy food that keeps customers coming back. Every biscuit and piece of chicken served is a reflection of the company's dedication to quality and flavor, embodying a unique blend of traditional Southern comfort and modern culinary innovation.

Franchise Development and Expansion

Rise's franchise model is as appealing as its menu, characterized by relatively low startup costs and a focus on efficiency through a tech-forward operational model. Potential franchisees are supported from the ground up, beginning with a thorough review of the Franchise Disclosure Document, and continuing through site selection, training, and grand opening. The brand's expansion into locations like Winter Park, North Texas, and other key regions highlights its strategic approach to growth, targeting areas where the market for comfort food intersects with an appreciation for artisanal, high-quality fare.

Culinary and Business Excellence

With a menu that proudly features items like sweet treats alongside hearty breakfast and lunch options, Rise ensures that every visit to their stores is both familiar and exciting. This dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. The brand has been recognized among movers and shakers in the fast-casual industry, drawing comparisons to successful franchises like Five Guys Burgers and Halal Guys, underscoring its potential in competitive food markets.

Community and Culture

Rise doesn't just sell food; it builds communities. The brand's philosophy of caring deeply about its employees and franchisees creates a family-like atmosphere that extends to its customer relationships. The emphasis on a balanced work-life with operational hours tailored to foster this culture has made Rise a popular choice among new franchisees eager to develop additional franchises under the Rise banner.

Looking Forward

As Rise continues to grow, the excitement surrounding new locations and menu innovations keeps the brand dynamic and forward-moving. Whether it's celebrating the opening of a new store in Virginia or announcing an expansion plan in Maryland, Rise maintains a focus on what it does best: serving delicious, high-quality food that brings people together.

For those interested in becoming part of the Rise family, whether through franchise opportunities or as a customer, the journey promises to be both delicious and rewarding. With a focus on sustainable growth, community involvement, and culinary excellence, Rise is more than a brand; it's a destination for anyone who loves great food served with passion.

For those captivated by the story of Rise and interested in exploring franchise opportunities or tasting the menu, request free info below to take the next step in this delicious journey.


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