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Footprints Floors: Revolutionizing the Flooring Industry through a Profitable Franchise Model

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Footprints Floors Franchise Opportunities

Over the past decade, the home improvement industry has seen a surge in demand, as home improvement spending has increased exponentially. In response to this growing market, Footprints Floors has emerged as a leader in the flooring industry, offering franchise opportunities that serve communities worldwide. The Footprints Floors franchise model is focused on providing superior flooring installation and restoration services, while also offering franchise owners the support and guidance they need to build a successful business.

The Start

The Footprints Floors Franchise began with a vision to create a unique flooring franchise that would stand out from the competition. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, Footprints Floors installed a wide range of flooring materials, including hardwood floors, wood floors, vinyl plank flooring, mosaic tile bathroom floors, and tile floors. The company has also installed underfloor heating and used industrial-grade equipment to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

One of the key factors that sets Footprints Floors Franchise apart from other flooring businesses is its commitment to providing franchise owners with a profitable franchise model. The average gross sales and average gross profit for Footprints Floors franchise owners are consistently higher than industry norms. This success can be attributed to the company's focus on business savvy, sales skills, and depth of knowledge in the flooring industry.

Owner Benefits

Franchise owners benefit from Footprints Floors' dedicated call center, finance management support, and subcontractor crew management. The company also offers franchise support guided by a project manager, allowing franchise owners to concentrate on their own market and serve their communities with personalized attention. Local partnerships and direct mail campaigns further help to drive business growth.


The ideal franchise owner for Footprints Floors is someone with a management background who can maintain crews, has sales skills, and can work on their own schedule. This franchise opportunity is particularly well-suited for individuals with experience in the construction industry, retail sector, or the restoration business.

Training and Support

Footprints Floors franchise owners are supported through every step of the flooring project process. The company provides in-depth training on flooring installation, including materials like hardwood and wood flooring, as well as underfloor heating systems. Franchise owners also receive guidance on how to manage their business, from initial investment and franchise fee considerations to working with the Better Business Bureau and understanding the franchise disclosure document.

As a testament to the company's commitment to giving back, Footprints Floors has been involved in various charitable initiatives, including church fundraising projects and supporting at-risk youth through financial gifts. These efforts not only help families preserve their homes but also create a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Footprints Floors has achieved remarkable success in the home improvement industry by offering a unique franchise model that prioritizes both customer satisfaction and franchise owner success. With a focus on superior knowledge, training, and support, Footprints Floors franchise owners can build a thriving business in the flooring industry.

In summary, Footprints Floors has revolutionized the flooring industry through its profitable franchise model, which benefits both franchise owners and the communities they serve. By providing comprehensive support and a commitment to excellence, Footprints Floors has become a leading name in flooring installation and restoration services. With a growing network of franchise owners, Footprints Floors continues to expand its reach and serve customers worldwide, making it an attractive opportunity for individuals seeking a rewarding and successful business venture.


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