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Hommati Franchise: A New Era in Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry is undergoing a paradigm shift, with Hommati leading the charge. The Hommati franchise offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to dive into an emerging industry that's reshaping how real estate agents and brokers approach property marketing. At the heart of this transformation are cutting-edge digital services like 3D interactive tours, virtual staging, and aerial videos, all designed to meet the evolving needs of today's real estate market, particularly the tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z generations.

The Hommati Franchise Opportunity

Hommati's franchise opportunity stands out in the crowded franchise market. With an initial franchise fee that is attractively low, Hommati makes becoming your own boss in the real estate industry more accessible than ever. The estimated initial investment is appealing, especially when considering the comprehensive suite of services offered to real estate professionals. From digital floor plans to augmented reality, Hommati equips franchisees with everything needed to provide exceptional services to real estate agents.

Financial Aspects and Support

Hommati's financial performance representations are grounded in actual historical financial data, adhering to generally accepted accounting principles. This transparency extends to every aspect of the franchise operation, including agent transparent background fees, sales tax deposits, and monthly gross revenue. Franchisees can expect detailed monthly royalty reports, which are a testament to the franchise network's operating efficiency. The Hommati franchise dashboard, an essential tool for franchisees, provides insights into financial performance, including annual gross revenues and profits.

Training and Technology

Every Hommati franchisee receives comprehensive training, including obtaining an FAA Remote Pilot License, crucial for operating in the commercial drone market. Hommati's commitment to cutting edge technology is evident in its offering of 3D cameras and 4K drones, ensuring that franchisees stay competitive in providing high-quality digital media services.

Franchise System and Network

The Hommati franchise network is an interdependent network composed of franchise owners dedicated to providing top-notch marketing services to real estate professionals. This network operates under a franchise agreement that outlines the responsibilities and benefits of both Hommati and the franchisees. The franchise system is designed to support the success of each franchise location, with Hommati offering continuous technical support, operational guidance, and marketing assistance.

Real Estate Agents and the Hommati Advantage

For real estate agents, Hommati offers an array of services that revolutionize property marketing. From 3D interactive tours that allow home buyers to tour properties virtually, to aerial images that provide unique perspectives, Hommati ensures that agents can showcase properties in the best light. The featured agent membership fees and broker team leader fees are structured to provide value while ensuring a recurring revenue model for franchisees.

Growth and Expansion

Hommati began franchising with a vision to change the real estate industry. As of now, the number of Hommati franchise locations continues to grow, with the company expanding its reach across various states, including Ohio, South Carolina, West Virginia, New Mexico, and beyond. Each franchise location is a testament to Hommati's successful model, offering a range of services from virtual staging to aerial videos, all designed to help agents create listing videos that stand out.


The Hommati franchise represents not just a business opportunity, but a chance to be at the forefront of a shifting real estate landscape. With its low franchise fee, comprehensive training, and cutting-edge technology, Hommati is an ideal franchise opportunity for those looking to make their mark in today's real estate market. Whether operating on a full-time or part-time basis, franchise owners are equipped to succeed, supported by a robust network and a franchisor committed to innovation and excellence in the real estate.


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