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Is Starbucks Open to Franchising?

Picture of the Starbucks Coffee Logo
Starbucks Franchise Opportunities

Coffee lovers around the globe recognize the familiar green mermaid logo of Starbucks. The giant in the coffeehouse industry, Starbucks, has built its brand over the years and has a strong presence in the coffee franchise market. If you're looking to get a slice of this coffee pie, you might be wondering if Starbucks offers franchise opportunities. Let's dive in.

The Starbucks Franchising Model

Starbucks is not traditionally open to franchising in the USA. Instead, they operate on a licensed store model. This means that while you can't buy a Starbucks franchise for sale in the traditional sense, you can potentially open a licensed store.

Coffee Franchise Opportunities

While Starbucks may not be the ideal coffee shop franchise opportunity for those in the USA, there are plenty of other coffee franchises for sale. The coffee franchise in the USA is booming, with numerous coffee shop franchises and coffeehouse industry opportunities available for aspiring business owners. From drive-thru coffee shops like the popular Dutch Bros Coffee to cafes with wifi near you, there's a coffee franchise for everyone.

Costs to Consider

The cost to open a coffee shop varies significantly depending on the brand, location, and size of the store. The coffee shop franchise cost can range from a few thousand dollars for smaller kiosks or mobile coffee trucks to hundreds of thousands for larger establishments.

Best Coffee Franchises to Own

There are several coffee franchises USA based entrepreneurs can explore. Some of the best coffee franchises include:

  • Dunkin' Donuts: A popular choice known for its donuts and coffee.

  • PJ's Coffee: A New Orleans coffee shop that offers a range of coffee franchise opportunities.

  • Dutch Bros: Known for its drive-thru coffee model, it's a favorite in the western US.


While the opportunity to own a Starbucks franchise may not be available, the coffee shop franchise market is vast and offers various options for those looking to invest in the coffee business. From small coffee shop franchises to larger coffee bar franchises, there's an opportunity cafe and coffee lovers can explore. So whether you're looking for a coffee franchise in California or a coffee shop for sale in Utah, the possibilities are endless. Do your research, explore different coffee franchise opportunities, and find the perfect fit for your entrepreneurial dreams. Whether it's a cozy cafe franchise or a bustling drive-through coffee shop franchise, the coffee industry is booming and waiting for you to hop in!


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