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Island Fin Poke: A Franchise Opportunity Combining Passion and Smart Investment

Are you considering franchise ownership and looking for a business that combines a unique dining experience with intelligent investment? Look no further than Island Fin Poke. This fast casual restaurant offers franchise opportunities that are a perfect blend of passion for sustainably sourced fish and a smart business model.

Understanding the Island Fin Poke Franchise Model

Island Fin Poke Company, established with a vision to offer a unique Hawaiian poke experience, has developed a growth strategy ensuring long-term success for franchisees. With their cohesive restaurant design, Island Fin locations are carefully engineered to maximize space and efficiency. This approach allows franchise owners to benefit from exceptional revenue due to higher space allocation for customers and limited cooking requirements.

Franchise Opportunities Across the United States

Franchise opportunities are abundant, ranging from protected territories in states like South Carolina, Rhode Island, and West Virginia to larger territories in New Mexico, New Hampshire, and beyond. The company offers two different types of franchises: single-unit franchises and area development franchises. The latter is a master franchise opportunity for those interested in securing a larger territory and slowly building a series of Island Fin Poke units.

Comprehensive Training for Success

New franchisees are supported through a comprehensive training program. This multi-phased training includes both classroom setting training and on-the-job training, covering 17 hours and 23 hours respectively. This approach ensures that franchise owners are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to successfully operate their own store. The training also covers newly established practices, preparing the team for every aspect of running the business.

Investment and Support for Franchisees

The startup costs for an Island Fin Poke franchise are transparent and well-structured. Franchisees can expect costs ranging from initial franchise fees to equipment and marketing expenses. Additionally, the franchise agreement outlines the business model and investment details clearly. Franchise owners receive ongoing support, not just in the initial days of training but throughout their journey. This includes access to a franchise consultant and ongoing marketing and operational support.

Joining the Island Fin Poke Family

Becoming a part of the Island Fin Poke Ohana means joining a family that is dedicated to your success. The company's commitment to intelligent investment and a cohesive restaurant design is evident in every aspect of the franchise. Whether you're in New York, Texas, or California, you can expect the highest standards of support and service.


Franchising with Island Fin Poke is not just about owning a restaurant; it’s about embracing a lifestyle and a community committed to freshness, quality, and sustainable practices. With its appealing business model, comprehensive training, and dedicated support, Island Fin Poke offers a franchise opportunity that stands out in the fast-casual industry. If you have a passion for fresh, delicious food and a desire to run a successful business, Island Fin Poke could be your perfect partner. Request free info to learn more, and take the first step towards a rewarding journey in franchise ownership.


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