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Kid to Kid: Revolutionizing the Children's Market with a Unique Franchise Model

Embracing the Kid Franchise Philosophy

Founded in 1992 in Salt Lake City, Kid to Kid has redefined the children's market with its upscale resale store franchise concept. This innovative business model, often referred to as the "kid model," focuses on helping families save on essentials like children's clothing, baby gear, maternity wear, and toys. By prioritizing a superior shopping option for families, Kid to Kid has created a niche in the resale franchise industry, distinguishing itself from other franchises.

A Proven Successful Business Model

At the heart of Kid to Kid’s success is a robust business model. This model allows franchise owners to operate in a fast-paced environment, offering a huge selection of gently used items. The franchise provides comprehensive training, starting with site selection and extending through the grand opening and beyond. This ongoing training ensures that each Kid to Kid store, whether in Salt Lake, North Salt Lake, or any of the hundreds of other locations across the country, including Canada and Europe, operates to the highest standards.

Financial Aspects of Owning a Kid to Kid Franchise

For prospective franchisees, understanding the startup costs is crucial. The total investment includes a franchise fee, with the company offering financing options to help manage these startup costs. The liquid capital and net worth requirements are clearly outlined in the franchise disclosure document, a key tool in evaluating this opportunity. Kid to Kid franchises, with their proven track record in the children's market, offer a substantial opportunity for growth and profitability.

The Community and Environmental Impact

Beyond financials, owning a Kid to Kid franchise means making a full-time commitment to your community and the environment. The resale model encourages recycling, reducing waste, and providing affordable options for families. Shauna Sloan, the visionary behind this concept, emphasizes that “kids grow faster than paychecks,” highlighting the importance of offering affordable clothing and gear to parents. This ethos is at the core of every Kid to Kid store, making it more than just a business – it’s a community service.

Marketing and Support: Tools for Success

Franchise owners benefit from comprehensive support in marketing and operations. From email marketing strategies to social media advertising, Kid to Kid provides the tools necessary for success in today’s digital age. This support extends to all aspects of running the business, ensuring that each franchisee has the knowledge and resources to thrive.

Joining the Kid to Kid Family

Becoming a Kid to Kid franchisee means joining a family of business owners dedicated to making a difference. With a focus on providing a fun, high-energy shopping experience for customers, Kid to Kid stores have become a beloved part of many communities. The brand’s commitment to helping families save money, providing gently used items, and contributing to a healthier environment makes it an appealing and fulfilling business venture.


Kid to Kid is not just another franchise; it's a movement in the children's market, offering families an affordable, enjoyable, and environmentally responsible shopping experience. By prioritizing community, sustainability, and superior customer service, Kid to Kid continues to grow and succeed, proving that a business can both feel good and be financially rewarding. If you’re looking for an opportunity to join a franchise that makes a real difference, Kid to Kid could be the perfect fit.


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