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Strickland Brothers Franchise: A Fresh Breath of Air in the Auto Industry

In 2016, Strickland Brothers breathed fresh air into the auto industry with their unique 10-minute oil change service. Founded by Justin Strickland, this brand has redefined customer expectations in automotive repair and maintenance services. The Strickland Brothers franchise isn't just a business; it's a commitment to provide dependable services at a fair price, fostering an accommodating environment that goes beyond just an oil change.

The Unique Edge of Strickland Brothers Franchise

What sets the Strickland Brothers franchise apart? It's not just the 10-minute oil change logo that catches the eye, but also their commitment to meeting service standards that are innovative and centered around the highest level of service every time. Justin Strickland’s vision has always been clear - to offer quality products and services in a friendly oil change setting, ensuring customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations. This isn't just a franchise; it's an opportunity to be part of a proven business model that prioritizes the customer.

Becoming a Franchisee: Investment and Support

Becoming a franchisee with Strickland Brothers means joining a family that values honesty, innovation, and support. The startup costs, including a franchise fee and royalty fee, are part of the total investment, which is detailed in the franchise disclosure document. The ideal candidate should have a minimum net worth and cash availability to meet the investment level required for establishing a Strickland Brothers location. This investment covers site selection, inventory, equipment, marketing, and more, ensuring a well-rounded support system for every franchise owner.

Training and Development: Strickland Brothers University

One of the key benefits of joining the Strickland Brothers franchise is access to their proprietary education platform, Strickland Brothers University. This platform is designed to train and retain top-notch employees, catering to a broad applicant pool. It’s not just about hiring; it's about building a team that can manage and exceed in this competitive industry. With ongoing training and development, franchise owners can attract individuals eager to learn and grow within the company, thus ensuring top-quality service for customers.

Service Standards and Community Involvement

Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change is more than just an oil change franchise. It's a one-stop shop for maintenance services, offering vehicle inspections, accounts receivable management, and more. The focus on providing fair pricing and dependable services has earned them a solid reputation. Moreover, their commitment extends to the community, as seen in their involvement with the Winston Salem Foundation, promoting inclusion and support for local youth.

Franchisee Experience: More Than Just a Franchisee

Being a franchisee with Strickland Brothers is about being part of a brand that values family, honesty, and service. With locations in Texas, NC, and beyond, franchisees have the opportunity to bring this high standard of service to their communities. The franchise offers not only a chance to own a business but also to make a real difference in the automotive service industry.

Conclusion: The Strickland Brothers Difference

Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change franchises offer a unique opportunity to enter a thriving industry with a proven business model. From exceptional training to comprehensive support, the franchise is designed to help franchise owners succeed. Justin Strickland's vision has not only created a successful brand but also a franchise that stands out for its commitment to quality, honesty, and community. As they continue to expand, Strickland Brothers remains focused on setting and meeting service standards that are innovative and centered around the highest level of service every time.

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