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The GLO30 Franchise: Revolutionizing the Skincare Industry

In the ever-evolving skincare industry, GLO30 has carved a unique niche by offering an inclusive spa space focused on personalized, subscription-based treatments. Founded by Dr. Arleen Lamba in 2012, GLO30 bridges the gap between luxurious day spas and more invasive medical clinics, providing an approachable middle ground for those seeking consistent, high-quality skincare. This blog post delves into what makes GLO30 an attractive franchise opportunity and how it stands out in the crowded beauty market.

The Unique Appeal of GLO30

Glowing Skin, Every 30 Days

At the heart of GLO30’s service offerings is the commitment to delivering glowing skin through monthly maintenance. Members receive a fully customized facial every 30 days, tailored to their skin’s tone, texture, and tightness, as well as external factors like weather and pollution. This regular maintenance helps clients achieve and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion.

Advanced AI Technology

GLO30 utilizes proprietary AI technology, GLOria, to customize treatments and provide product recommendations in real-time. This innovative approach ensures that each client receives personalized care based on their unique skin needs. GLOria’s AI capabilities also drive the company’s retail offerings, recommending products to maintain results between treatments.

Signature Treatments

GLO30’s menu includes the Signature NanoGLO MicroInfusion Facial, laser facials, and other advanced treatments designed to deliver specific results. These offerings, combined with monthly facials, provide comprehensive care that addresses a wide range of skin concerns.

A Growing Franchise Network

Rapid Expansion

Since franchising began in January 2023, GLO30 has experienced remarkable growth, with over 25 units awarded in key markets like Orlando, FL, and Dallas, TX. The brand is on track to open its new locations starting in early 2024 and aims to reach 1,000 units nationwide within the next 10 years​​.

Franchisee Support and Training

New franchisees benefit from extensive training and ongoing support. GLO30’s training program includes two weeks at corporate headquarters and up to 10 days of on-site training before opening. The company’s proprietary technology platform also provides continuous updates, ensuring that franchisees and their employees are well-prepared to deliver exceptional service​.

Financial Considerations

Affordable Investment

The initial investment for a GLO30 franchise ranges from $291,500 to $649,000, with a franchise fee of $35,000. This makes it an affordable entry point for prospective franchisees looking to enter the skincare industry. The business model is designed to keep equipment costs low, leveraging brand-agnostic technology that minimizes overhead for replacements and repairs​​.

Revenue Streams

GLO30’s franchise model includes multiple revenue streams. In addition to membership fees, the company’s AI-driven product recommendations drive retail sales, ensuring clients can maintain their skincare routine at home. This approach not only boosts sales but also enhances customer loyalty​​.

Market Position and Opportunities

New Category in Skincare

GLO30 has defined a new category in the service-based skincare space. By offering a subscription-based model that provides affordable, accessible, and customized treatments, GLO30 meets a demand that other brands have not adequately addressed. This unique positioning attracts a diverse clientele looking for high-quality skincare without the invasiveness of medical clinics or the high costs of luxury spas​.

Strategic Partnerships

GLO30 has partnered with industry leaders like Fransmart, Katalyst, and CBRE to support its franchisees and drive growth. These partnerships provide franchisees with valuable resources and guidance, enhancing their chances of success in a competitive market​​.


GLO30 offers a compelling franchise opportunity for those passionate about skincare and business. With its innovative use of AI technology, commitment to personalized care, and robust franchisee support, GLO30 is poised for continued growth and success in the skincare industry. For prospective franchisees, owning a GLO30 franchise means joining a forward-thinking brand that prioritizes client satisfaction and operational excellence.

If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting franchise opportunity, you can request free information below.


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