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Unveiling the Curry Up Now Franchise: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation in Indian Cuisine

The Curry Up Now franchise stands out in the fast-casual restaurant landscape by offering an innovative spin on traditional Indian cuisine, merging authentic flavors with a modern twist. Founded by Akash Kapoor in San Francisco, the brand has rapidly grown, offering a unique menu that includes items like Tikka Masala Burritos, Deconstructed Samosas, and Indian inspired poutine, among other signature dishes.

Origins and Expansion

Curry Up Now began as a food truck in South San Francisco in 2009 and has since expanded into multiple locations across California, Georgia, Utah, and New Jersey. Their growth strategy included transforming the traditional Indian food experience into a more accessible and engaging format for a broad American audience. By 2015, the franchise began offering franchises, expanding their presence and allowing more entrepreneurs to be part of their story.

Franchise Details

Investing in a Curry Up Now franchise involves understanding the details laid out in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which prospective franchisees must review. The initial investment can range from $416,000 to $1.8 million, with a franchise fee of $35,000. This fee grants the license to operate under the Curry Up Now name, with additional ongoing costs including a 6% royalty and a 2% advertising fee.

The franchise offers comprehensive support in areas such as real estate, construction, training, and marketing. Curry Up Now ensures franchisees receive the necessary guidance to establish and grow their business, including unique offerings such as catering services, a cocktail bar named "Mortar & Pestle," and the option to offer beer and wine where permissible.

Menu and Services

Curry Up Now’s menu is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, including vegan and gluten-free options, making it a versatile choice for diners. The franchise prides itself on using fresh ingredients and a creative menu that features both dine-in and take-out options. The addition of happy hour and catering services allows franchise units to increase their customer base and revenue streams.

Their signature dishes like the Sexy Fries and Tikka Masala Burritos showcase the brand's ability to remix Indian street food with global culinary trends, creating a menu that is both familiar and novel. This approach has not only garnered a loyal customer base but has also positioned Curry Up Now as a leader in the Indian fast casual segment.

Commitment to Franchisees

Curry Up Now is committed to the success of its franchisees, offering extensive training and support to ensure they are well-prepared to meet the demands of the restaurant business. This includes detailed operational training, marketing support, and regular updates to the menu and service style to keep pace with evolving consumer preferences.

The franchise development team at Curry Up Now works closely with franchisees to select the best locations, negotiate leases, and design restaurants that reflect the brand’s vibrant and modern ethos. This partnership is crucial for maintaining the quality and consistency that Curry Up Now is known for.


For those interested in the growing Indian fast casual market, Curry Up Now offers a compelling franchise opportunity. With its roots in traditional Indian cuisine and its eyes set on innovation, the franchise is designed for success in the diverse and dynamic landscape of the American food industry. Prospective franchisees can expect a partnership that values innovation, support, and a shared passion for delivering exceptional Indian food.

As Curry Up Now continues to expand, it remains a standout option for those looking to invest in a franchise that combines the best of Indian culinary traditions with the efficiency and appeal of the fast casual model.


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